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Client Stories


Charlie and Lauren have worked consistantly with their rehab, and have achieved great results. Charlie was extremely uneven in his muscle development through his hind quarters. Through patience and consistency, they have achieved visual results while developing an extremely special relationship. You can see in the photos below how his stance has become much wider and he now has his weight bearing bones under the joint line. This has allowed him to develop functional muscle through his back end and become much more balanced.

July 2020
December 2020
July 2021

Charlie is now much more even in his muscle development, allowing him to better carry himself and distribute power evenly.

A real professional allrounder, Charlie happily adapts from trail horse, to sporting pony, to show pony and cow horse, all in a days work!

With correct maintenance and management, Charlie and Lauren can go on to have a fantastic career and partnership for years to come.


Winney is a real character, and his rider Angela and ower Christine have done a brilliant job in helping Winney wuth his rehabilitation.

Winney first presented very uneven in his chest, shoulders, neck and body. As seen in the below photots, he was heavily biased to the near side foreleg.

This was causing Winney to be "one sided" under saddle, and he found certain movements and exercises very difficult. Angela and Christine took Winney's training back to basics to assist him in growing functional and healthy muscle.

Consistant work with the mats, hills, reversing and pole work have helped Winney to begin to develope more even muscle tone through his shoulders and chest.

August 2020
December 2020
August 2021

This has allowed him to improve his movements under saddle, as he is no longer restricted in his movement and his much more balanced on both reins.

Although he still has work to do, Winney has made a grat amount of progress and all involved have done a fantastic job.

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