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Pre Treatment Information
and Consultation Etiquette

Please avoid using any coat/fly sprays on your horse for 48 hours prior to your appointment. Dr Hill (Osteo) regularly uses kinesiology tape during her treatments. The use of sprays will prevent the tape from adhering.


Horses can be exercised prior to treatment, however we ask that the exercise is not overly strenuous.


Although not essential, it is helpful if you are familiar with your horses TPR (Temperature/Pulse/Respiration) prior to your appointment.

For help on how to take your horses TPR, please see our Information Sheets, located here:-


If you have a competition or clinic within 5 days post treatment, please advise at time of booking, as this may affect the treatment provided, in order to not disrupt performance. Please do not book an appointment if you have a competition or clinic within 24 hours of the appointment time. Many horses require time off immediately after treatment, in order to comply with tissue healing times. This cannot be determined until the practitioner has assessed your horse.


Consultations are $145 per horse. Initial consultations generally last up to 1hr, while follow up consultations are scheduled as 30 minute appointments.


We ask that your horse is caught and ready to go (unrugged) at the scheduled appointment time.


We ask that dogs and other distractions are removed from the treatment area prior to our arrival. This is to ensure not only the safety of our practitioners, but also for the benefit and relaxation of the horse being treated.

Please do not feed treats to your horse during the consultation.


Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the horse being treated, during the consultation. We ask that other horses are not discussed during a consultation, as our practitioners need to concentrate and give full attention to the horse being treated at the time. If you have another horse you wish to discuss, please book an appointment.


Taking video during your treatment is not permitted, unless by prior agreement with the practitioner. Photos are allowed, but please provide notification to the practitioner prior to taking any photos.


The practitioner will take photos of your horse, for educational and demonstrative purposes. You will be provided with copies of these photos.


In the event of rain, please advise if shelter is provided. For safety reasons, consultations cannot take place during rainy weather if adequate shelter is not available.


Please be on time and prepared for your appointments. This includes the wearing of appropriate footwear (bare feet/thongs are not suitable/safe footwear around horses).


If you require reading glasses, please have them with you. Please also have your phone with you for photo transfer.


Please complete our Client Information form prior to your appointment:-

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